Ice-Cream Insanity: Miss Softee Returns; Ample Hill and Coolhaus Open; Van Leeuwen and Big Gay Expand

Photo: Alexandra Martell

It’s officially ice-cream season! The Coolhaus Ice Cream truck has hit the scene; Miss Softee is back with new drivers in sexy costumes; and now Flo Fab reports that, as planned, Ample Hill Creamery just opened in Prospect Heights and is dishing out vegetable-puree ice cream as well as “all-natural bubble gum.” Elsewhere, she reminds us that Van Leeuwen is opening its East Village store. And of course the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (currently hosting Anthony Bourdain’s wife Ottavia) is also about to open a shop. If that ain’t enough, the Roger Smith Hotel is hosting an ice-cream dinner on June 6. Please note: As far as we know, none of these places cook crack in the back.