¡Qué Huevos! Rayuela and Txikito Launch Spanish Brunches

El Doble. Photo: Melissa Hom

The Basques have a way with eggs, so its rather surprising Txikito hasnt launched brunch till now, but there you have it: Next Saturday, May 20, will be the restaurants first day of hamaiketako the meal you eat around 11 a.m. (usually right before or after you go climb a mountain or something, informs Alex Raij). The menu (a mix of classic and new dishes thatll be supplemented by specials) is below, but before you take a gander, know that Rayuela is also launching a Spanish-influenced brunch. This weekend, and every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m., youll be able to get unlimited cava sangrias for $10, along with the dishes you can see here.


Para Picar (Snacks and sides)

espelette fries: crisp fries dusted with imported Basque chile powder • 4
kroketas: crispy creamy croquettes • 5
piperrak: blistered peppers with sea salt • 8
txistorra: spicy Navarran Sausage • 6

Ensaladas (Salads)

ensalada de txanquetes: baby arugula, poached egg, crispy silver fish • 12
vainas: Salt baked little potatoes, green beans, 3 minute egg, just made mayo • 10

Bocadillos (Sandwiches)

el doble hamburger: 2 patties, smoked sheeps milk cheese, salsa especial • 11
Tate: scrambled egg w/brown buttered hot dog in natural casing a la plantxa • 9

Huevos (Eggs)

tortilla de bakalao: cider house cod omelet, Txikito salt cod emulsion • 13
tortilla de patatas: classic potato omelet, frisee salad • 9
a la bilbaina: scrambled eggs with pisto, (Basque ratatouille) • 10
putxero dia: heirloom bean stew with poached egg and todays garnish • 11
al pastor: fresh tomato, migas, fried eggs, Cantabric anchovy• 12
soldadito de txiktxikis: poached eggs, crispy chorizo hash soldier for dipping • 11
verdes: fried eggs with sweet peas, onion, imported Jamón • 12
revuelto de gulas: mock elvers with soft scrambled eggs • 11

Dulces (Sweet)

torrijas: Basque french toast, citrus salad, PX syrup • 10
croissant plantxa: griddle croissant, local honey and fancy jam • 8
laburru: lard enriched orange blossom scented bun, butter, honey • 5
churros: Arenal style with dulce de leche• 5