Have A Look at Mezze’s Late-Night Menu, Braised Tripe With Falafel And All

Braised tripe soup with falafel Photo: Mezze

Chef Micah Wexler has a new menu at Mezze that follows suit with the restaurant’s new late hours. The chef also plans to add lunch in early June, with a menu currently in development. But back to the wee hours of the night. This month Wexler launched a new menu of small plates that will is served from 11:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. on Friday and Saturday nights. Many restaurants will just throw a slider, a short rib dish, and other bar eats onto such a selection, but Wexler stays on task with careful constructions marrying Middle Eastern, North African, and European cuisine.

Braised tripe soup with falafel Photo: Mezze

Included on the menu is Wexler’s epic Tunisian poached egg shakshouka with sweetbreads, as well as dishes like his braised tripe stew with falafel on top, and a smoked sturgeon flatbread with lebne and pickled shallots. And speaking of the soft, creamy yogurt cheese lebne (a candidate for trendy ingredient of the future?) save room for a lebne cheesecake with medjool dates and Turkish coffee, if you
re not full of three-dollar drafts and six-buck cocktails. See Wexler’s full late-night food and cocktail menu below. Spoiler alert: There’s a Ricky Ricardo cocktail in there!

Mezze’s Late Night Menu
Begins at 11:00 P.M.

Mezze Plates

Baby Gem Lettuce Fatoush, Crispy Pita, Sumac $12
Spring Tabouli, Green Garlic, Fava bean, Pancetta, Almond $11
Lamb and Pork Terrine, House Pickles, Green Chili $13
Poached Egg Shakshouka, Yogurt Emulsion, Sweetbread, Pita $13
Moroccan Chicken Wings, Picholine Olives, Golden Raisin $12
Braised Tripe, Falafel $11
Shawarma, Amba, House-Cured Pickles $10


Green Cauliflower, Moroccan Olive, Feta, Golden Raisin $13
Smoked Sturgeon, Lebne, Pickled Shallot, Capers $16
Merguez Sausage, Fontina, Tomato Jam, Aleppo pepper $14
Warm Pita, Honey Butter $6
Zatar, Olive Oil $6


Pee Wee Potato, Zhug, Aioli $9
Heirloom Bean Foul, Celery Salad, Preserved Lemon $9
Flowering Bok Choy, Grape Leave, Lebne $9


Lebne Cheesecake, medjool dates, turkish coffee $9
Strawberry Parfait, sesame, sumac, halvah cream $9
Ginger - Honey Malabi, blood orange, meyer lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, sesame $9
Cookies & Confections, pistachio, apricot, almond, cardamom, orange, rose $9

Cocktails $6
"Angeleno" | Krome, Aperol, Tangerines, Lemon, Bitter Lemon Soda | Tangerine Zest

"Rickey Ricardo" | Martin Miller Westbourne, Basil, Cardamom Honey, Lime, Soda Water |Basil Sprig

"Sumac 75" | Cocchi Americano, Pomegranate-Sumac Syrup, Lemon, Moscato D’ Asti | Lemon Peel

"Manolo Sour" | Encanto de Campo, Dimmi, Lemon, Egg White, Angostura Bitters

"Baharat Milk" | Barbancourt 8 yr, Remy VS, Baharat Milk | Grated Pistachios

Beer $3

Hefeweizen, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier | Freising, Germany - 5.4 % Abv.
IPA, Deschutes Inversion IPA | Bend, Oregon - 5.7 % Abv.
Belgian White Ale, Unibroue "Blanche De Chambly" | Chambly, Quebec - 5.0 % Abv,
Dry Stout, North Coast Brewing Co. "Old No. 38" | Ft. Bragg, California - 5.5 % Abv.
Saison, North Coast Brewing Co. "Le Merle" | Ft. Bragg, California - 7.9 % Abv.