Grindhaus Is Cutting Off Its Engines

Photo: Grind Haus via Facebook

Grindhaus may never stop grinding, but it’s definitely through trucking. Squid Ink reports what could be a new record for a food truck closure with news that the Hollywood sausage maker is turning off its engines to concentrate on the operations of its butcher shop. The truck’s debut in January was swift on the wheels of the opening of Grindhaus’ brick-and-mortar and immediately stood out with its B-Movie poster design. As we all know by now, trucking ain’t easy, so it makes sense that with a successful operation already established in Hollywood, the business could only gain by trimming away the gas-guzzling headaches. The truck’s Twitter feed announces that Sunday will be its final day on the street. Guess it’s time to edit the official sausage truck count now.

Grindhaus Sausage Truck to Stop Rolling [Squid Ink]