Greenway Food Trucks Double; World Leaders Eat Like Children


• Just in time for summer, the Herald reports that the Greenway has doubled their number of food trucks. Hooray! [Herald]

• The men in charge of running the world eat like children, favoring burgers, chocolate, sausage pasta, and ice cream. This probably indicates something profound, but we’re not sure what. [Eatocracy/CNN]

• Subway has discovered the avocado, and you can discover its new turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich, if you dare. [USAT]

• In the case of the disappearing Mexican mango, weather is to blame. [Global Post]

• With what you eat increasingly viewed as a political and personal statement, it’s no surprise that liberals and conservatives tend to have different eating habits. But whatever happened to those “crunchy conservatives“? [Mashable]

• The “Ick!” heard round the world: Some students in D.C. were served raw scallions for a snack. [Washington Examiner]

• This is why you’re fat: It’s not your diet (though that probably needs help), but rather your sedentary office job. [NYDN]