Got a Grown-Up Geek? Take Them to Vampire Lounge, Now Open in 90210

Photo: Vampire Lounge

A new tasting room has opened in Beverly Hills called Vampire Lounge. The space comes from the marketing department at Vampire Vineyards, which you can probably tell from the name alone is not afraid to embrace blatant gimmickry. From photos, the lounge looks sophisticated enough, if old timey French brothels were ever sophisticated. It’s not quite a Jekyll and Hyde for grown-ups, but rather a room of dark and creamy hues trimmed with red curtains for a little sex appeal. Not a total suck-fest, but there are a few red flags.

Urban Daddy reports that a sommelier named Igor sometimes wears fangs when he serves you. Groan. In addition to the labels’ wines on offer for tasting and purchase, the lounge also serves dark chocolate, espresso, and tea, along with a short menu that apparently includes a lot of red food, which better mean there’s borscht.

So, who is this new lounge really for and who drinks Dracula Zinfandel? Obviously, most Twilight fans are, like twelve, and have a couple more years to go before they magically transform into living dead winos of the night like the rest of us. Okay, that’s not really the case, we have more than a few grown-up friends that we catch reading Stephanie Meyers on their Kindles, drawn by the hot and bothered bloodlust stirred up in them by True Blood. In other words, we think it’s still for geeks, just grown-up ones who like to play make-believe over their grown-up grape juice.

For some back-up to this theory, we present the most ridiculous statement from the new lounge’s website: “Rumor has it that the Vampire Vineyards are actually owned by a circle of vampires.” Ahahahahahaaa! Does this mean throwing our garlic and tap water at them is considered acceptable behavior around here?

Vampire Tasting Room and Lounge, 9865 S Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills. 310-826-7473.

Got a Grown-Up Geek? Take Them to Vampire Lounge, Now Open in 90210