Gilt Taste Launches With Ruth Reichl at the Helm, Melissa Clark in the Kitchen


Gilt’s new food-market-cum-“magazine” went live last night and, as expected, Ruth Reichl is all over it. It looks pretty snazzy! It also looks like it’s way out of our price range! ($35 for a two-pound mix of ramps and fiddleheads? Takes balls.) More interesting is the editorial: Barry Estabrook, who just won himself a James Beard medallion, has a piece about the effect that gas-drilling has on our food and water supplies. And Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen is talkin’ broccoli. Also! Recipes from the Times’ Melissa Clark. And lots of caviar to buy. So! Is this the future of food editorial? Who knows! We’re just happy there aren’t any pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow on the site. [Gilt Taste]