Froggy Style: Bullfrogging in Arkansas, Cooking Like Coqui

Photo: Serious Eats

Our list of foodie excursions didn’t contain anything quite as, um, exciting as Serious Eats’ bullfrog-hunting trip in Arkansas. Their writer caught the whole thing on video — including the part where he whacks a frog on the side of the boat until its brains splatter (which can’t be making PETA very happy) — so only watch that if you’re into gore. However, those fried frog parts do look tasty! Meanwhile, if you prefer your amphibians to be the smiling cartoon kind, there’s Coqui the Chef, the alter ego of a Bronx woman who’ll march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade to “spread the word about preventing obesity, diabetes and heart disease” through healthy cooking. [Serious Eats, Gothamist]