Foodies and Locavores, People Still Feel the Need to Tell You How Much They Loathe You

Photo: istockphoto

Remember all those screeds about how foodies are just so annoying? Add a couple more to the pile. Esquire’s food correspondent John Mariani speaks out against locavores, because no one has done that recently: “What I don’t love is how self-described locavores believe they are a new breed of cult-like idealists who have adapted the word coined by Jessica Prentice at the 2005 World Environment Day in — where else? — San Francisco and now make themselves out to be missionaries for a concept with a large ‘duh?’ factor.” Take some deep breaths, Johnny boy, because you’re not alone: On Jane magazine’s blog, Jessica Olien feels compelled to tell us why she “hate[s] foodies, especially foodie men, who somehow making even preparing simple foods a macho, one-sided event,” and who “want to linger at farmer’s markets are like obsessive teenage boys at a vinyl shop.” Hey, maybe these guys should go on a date — at McDonald’s.

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