Finally: You Don’t Have to Fly to Eat Airplane Food

Photo: iStockphoto

In-flight meals: Who doesn’t love ‘em? Forget, for a moment, that you can barely even get a bag of peanuts anymore and think instead about the succulence of reheated, rubbery chicken breast; the joy of peeling open one of those little butter packets and spreading the stuff on an ice-cold dinner roll; the way those little pouches of salad dressing squirt all over your shirt when you try to open them. Gustatory delights, all! That must be the thinking behind the airline industry’s latest marketing push, “roving trucks and pop-up lounges that offer passers-by a taste of what’s being served in the air,” according to a story in the Times. Air France put together a food truck; Delta sets up temporary Sky360 lounges around the country; and Southwest has its Southwest Porch, which this year includes “a hamburger/hot dog/pork belly sandwich, and a side and beverage from ‘wichcraft.” So, there you go. You no longer have to book a meaningless flight to Salt Lake City or wherever just to enjoy the luxuries of air travel. [NYT]