Embattled EMM Group Will Open Catch, a Seafood Restaurant, This Fall

Birnbaum. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

If you’re still reeling from the shocking news that EMM Group’s Mark Birnbaum is being sued for making inappropriate comments to some of his female employees, here’s some consolation: A tipster tells us the group will open a seafood restaurant this fall at 13th Street and Ninth Avenue, just a stiletto stumble away from Tenjune,Abe & Arthur’s, and SL. Word is it’s a multistory venue, and if this is the same place referred to in this “Page Six” item from last summer, it will be a “restaurant with an enclosed rooftop lounge.” Oh, and the name? It’s Catch, something the now under-scrutiny Birnbaum can probably relate to.

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