Drink Beer Made by Farmers (One of Them George Washington)


Yesterday Gothamist reported that the New York Public Library has teamed up with Coney Island Brewing Company to use George Washington’s personal beer recipe for a brew that will be served at the Library’s Centennial gala on May 23, as well as at a public tasting at Rattle & Hum at 7 p.m. on May 18. The beer won’t be commercially distributed, but if you’re looking for an interesting six-pack, Diner’s Journal reports that Mark VanGlad of maple-syrup stand Wood Homestead will (thanks to a new law) be the first to sell beer at the Greenmarket. Ma-Pale (debuting Friday) is brewed from hops and barley grown in Stamford, New York — the only widely distributed beer, it seems, made exclusively with local hops. It’s also flavored with his family’s syrup.

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