Drink Beer Made by Farmers (One of Them George Washington)

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Yesterday Gothamist reported that the New York Public Library has teamed up with Coney Island Brewing Company to use George Washington’s personal beer recipe for a brew that will be served at the Library’s Centennial gala on May 23, as well as at a public tasting at Rattle & Hum at 7 p.m. on May 18. The beer won’t be commercially distributed, but if you’re looking for an interesting six-pack, Diner’s Journal reports that Mark VanGlad of maple-syrup stand Wood Homestead will (thanks to a new law) be the first to sell beer at the Greenmarket. Ma-Pale (debuting Friday) is brewed from hops and barley grown in Stamford, New York — the only widely distributed beer, it seems, made exclusively with local hops. It’s also flavored with his family’s syrup.

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