Demitasse Cafe Bringing Direct-Trade Coffee to Little Tokyo

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

If everyone seems extra tense on the freeways these days, it could easily be blamed on the recent avalanche of new coffee businesses promising to bring the bean to higher standards. Under construction and opening soon in Downtown, a new cafe called Demitasse plans to focus on farm-sourced coffee, tea, and chocolate in Little Tokyo, not far from where MOCA patrons could use some good mocha.

The brewers here will use both the Toddy and Kyoto as their equipment, while direct-trade beans are the currency being brewed. Pastries and sweets will be sourced from local vendors, while the Demitasse crew took a recent R&D; trip to China to bone up on their tea expertise. Expect an opening sometime next month.

Demitasse, 135 S. San Pedro St. Downtown.