First Look at Todd English’s CrossBar, Now Open in the Ever-Evolving Limelight Marketplace

Photo: Melissa Hom

The Limelight Marketplace is changing concepts, and by fall it’ll be simply Limelight — a Barneys-like department store that won’t have so many retailers. Other than Grimaldi’s, it’s uncertain which food vendors will stay. “One of the things we’re starting to do,” operator Jack Menashe tells The Wall Street Journal, “is to add a level of sophisticatedness to it, if that’s a word.” Indeed, the Limelight reached a whole new level of “sophisticatedness” when Todd English’s CrossBar opened there last Wednesday. Here, English is showcasing a “modern interpretation of head-to-tail pork cooking” (how very Fergus Henderson of him!). That means everything from puffed pig ears to suckling pig dinners for you and several of your friends (available 48 hours in advance). The wines are divided into “Old Testament” and “New Testament,” and the cocktails (courtesy of Doug Draper — no relation to Don) include housemade bitters and ingredients like smoked root beer. As for the beer beer, you can sip the cask-conditioned variety — on the 80-seat patio, or in the upstairs or downstairs dining rooms. See the menus below.

CrossBar Lunch Menu
CrossBar Dinner Menu
CrossBar Beverage Menu
CrossBar Bar Menu

CrossBar, 47 W. 20th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-359-5550