Chocolate Milk in Trouble; McDonald’s Gives Itself a Makeover

• Around the country, schools are debating whether they should ban chocolate milk. Maybe Jamie Oliver really is making a difference. [WP]

• McDonald’s is undertaking its largest makeover ever, and the company plans to transform all of its restaurants into something that looks more upscale. For better or worse, the food will remain the same. [USAT]

• Government ethanol subsidies could be to blame for making corn such an expensive food these days. [Fresno Bee]

• Rita Chretien, the Canadian woman found over the weekend in a remote area of Nevada, survived for seven weeks eating nothing but trail mix and melted snow. [NYDN]

• KFC just released the Double Down in New Zealand — and people are not happy. A popular TV chef is calling it a “crime against food.” [ONE News]