Celebrate Canyon Culture and Cuisine at Out of the Box’s Summer Feast

Photo: Dave Hamster via Flickr

Speaking of writer-cum-entrepreneur Amanda Chantal Bacon, she and fellow Lucques kitchen vet Sara Woodward will be cooking together on June 12th at Summer Feast, a farm-focused dinner on Lake Malibou organized by Out of the Box Collective to benefit SOS Malibu. What can you expect here?

At this celebration of canyon-style country living and fresh produce, Bacon will promote Moon Juice and join chefs like Woodward, Erik Stenberg, and Julia Crookston in cooking courses of farm-to-plate cuisine, while rancher Lefty Ayers brings an 18-hour roasted Berkshire cross, farmers show-off their pride, and a group named Mean Bunny provides both bluegrass and local wine. Roughly 200 tickets are on-sale at $90 a person online. [Out of the Box]