Can Flavaboom Make Fro-Yo Cool Again?

Photo: Blackbook

Frozen yogurt is so 2008, but the design firm Dune is trying to make it all 2010: A Space Odyssey. BlackBook has a look at the “visionary design” behind Flavaboom, a new Union Square spot that despite its name, was not opened by Flavor Flav. Truth is, aside from a somewhat futuristic décor and the Champagne served at its opening party, the place looks pretty much the same as other fro-yo shops. When is someone going to open one where the machine blends the toppings into the yogurt for you? They do this at the Ice Cream Café in Orleans, Massachusetts, and man is it good — look into it, people!

Flavaboom Brings Visionary Design to the Fro-Yo Game