Buey to Go, Pink Taco, Now You’ve Got a Boycott On Your Hands!

Alas, the Century City donkey show did not last long.
Alas, the Century City donkey show did not last long. Photo: Ben Decker/Boycott Pink Taco via Facebook

Those jackasses over at Pink Taco got it all twisted last night. It’s the customers who are supposed to do stupid things, piss everyone off, and wake up with heads throbbing in regret after Cinco de Mayo. But Eater reports that the mall-bound Mexican restaurant of so-much-muy-naco decor enraged animal rights activists by painting a donkey pink, scrawling the name of the restaurant on its flank, and tying it to a post with horse hobbles on its feet yesterday. Following a few quick complaints, police came and made the restaurant relieve the donkey from its promotional post. Naturally, there’s now a Facebook page for people to join a Pink Taco boycott, because really, wouldn’t you expect a restaurant named Pink Taco to have a little bit more class than this?

Today at 11:30 A.M., TV crews and activists are descending on the restaurant to burro in and cause a ruckus. Although the donkey does look miserable (which might be a natural state for most donkeys), Pink Taco is probably fairly surprised at the reaction, considering Banksy earned millions in sales when he painted that elephant pink in Downtown. Still, O.C. Weekly reports that the restaurant is simply digging its head into the sand, having turned off its social networking sites, which would probably be the best place to get started on some form of apology before all hell breaks loose over there.

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