Blockheads Shavery Co. Bringing Snow Cream to Sawtelle

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Just in time for what we predict will be a blazing hot summer, Blockheads Shavery Co. is setting up shop in West L.A., just off Sawtelle at Mississippi Avenue. Blockheads promises a blend of real Hawaiian shaved ice with ice cream and fresh ingredients for a treat called “Snow Cream.” The store promises that no block gets shaved until it reaches a precise temperature that ensures a high standard for shaved ice in six-dollar flavors like mango snow cream (made from fresh mangoes) or milk snow cream with brownies, condensed milk, and walnuts. The store is currently in the process of getting city approval, with hopes to open before summer casts its first rays. Will you go straight for the snow cream or first try to bite the head off of an edible penguin?

Blockheads Shavery Co., 11311 Mississippi Ave. West L.A..