First Look at Eataly’s Rooftop Beer Garden, La Birreria, Opening June 3


Last night, Grub Street had the privilege of previewing Eataly’s rooftop suds deck, La Birreria. The 150-seat space was open to the elements courtesy of a retractable roof, and the tables and chairs were so new we got sawdust on our outfit. But what about the suds? While house-brewed chestnut and peppercorn-wheat beers won’t be ready for a little while, we tried a golden-hued pale ale infused with thyme that’s picked (we’re told) from the Roman countryside. Also on offer were a few of the hearty victuals, including a blood sausage (one of four housemade sausages) and a delicious fried shiitake from the all-mushroom vegetarian section of the menu. Check out our slideshow to see what you can expect when the spot debuts June 3.