Big Plans: M. Wells, Ted & Honey Expand


Torrisi isn’t the only much-loved mom-and-pop eatery on the expansion track: Today comes word that both M. Wells and Ted & Honey will soon be upsizing their digs. Sarah Obraitis, co-owner of M. Wells (which, incidentally is one of Bon Appétit’s “destination diners“), tells Time to Sign Off: “We’re extending our premises into the space next door to create more room and freedom. Our intention isn’t to expand into a larger restaurant, necessarily, but to establish a well-organized community pergola: our working title for this project is the Fun Fun Arcade.” We had to look up “pergola,” but for the record, that’s an arbor, or trellis, which doesn’t really help to clarify things. When we rang up Obraitis, she demurred to explain further, saying, “It’ll be a nice surprise when it happens.” Meanwhile, Carroll Gardens Patch brings word that neighborhood favorite Ted & Honey will hit the big-time, literally, thanks to their successful bid to run a café at Building 92, the Navy Yard’s upcoming museum and visitors center.

Sarah Obraitis, Co-owner of M. Wells [Time to Sign Off via Eater]
Ted & Honey Going Big in Navy Yard Move [Carroll Gardens Patch via Fork in the Road/VV]