Beer Brewers Uncover Solution to Pesky Brooklyn Branding


Grub Street’s impatience with the practice of naming everything after Brooklyn (or Breukelen, or BKLYN) has been solidly documented, but the solution some local beer brewers came up with is not exactly what we had in mind. The start-up suds brands have decided to pimp another borough: the Bronx. There’s Bronx Brewery, founded in 2009, and now another beer-maker is getting in on the action, this time with a cutesy spelling! Jonas Bronck’s Beer Company will start peddling its Woodlawn Weiss as early as next week, while Bronx Brewery’s Bronx Pale Ale should hit taps in August. “The Bronx name just sells,” says one bartender interviewed by the Daily News. Okay … However, on the bright side, at least nobody’s naming anything after Staten Island. [NYDN]