Another Day, Another Dessert Fight

A dessert worth fighting for?
A dessert worth fighting for?

Geez, what is it about dessert that makes people go absolutely insane? The latest casualty in this ongoing struggle involves an ill-fated cannoli delivery.

The Eagle-Tribune reports the tawdry tale of Patrick Clohisy, who just wanted to bring his daughter a box of cannolis.

He arrived at the home of his ex-wife Serena Clohisy to give their 11-year-old daughter the treat, but apparently Clohisy’s live-in beau, Michael Magyar, threw them away. Upon learning this, Patrick Clohisy became irate and returned to have little chat with the new guy.

Serena Clohisy heard “shuffling and shaking” outside the house, then saw her paramours entangled at the bottom of the stairs leading to the deck. But they weren’t fighting over her affections — they were brawling over the tossed cannolis. Mrs. Clohisy found her ex-husband bleeding, apparently after being stabbed in the abdomen with an 8-inch kitchen knife. Magyar says he acted in self-defense.

Tragically, we’re guessing nobody ate the cannolis.

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