A San Francisco Cocktail Kaleidoscope


Dark, brooding, stiff drinks are what get us through the winter, especially those made with bourbon and rye, and maybe with a Fernet chaser. But now that spring is here, it’s time to set aside the Sazeracs and bust out the fruit and herbs. This week, back at the mothership (New York Mag), they’re featuring 107 cocktails from around New York City arranged by color, as in ROYGBIV. We thought we’d do the same, and show you 25 of the most colorful potent potables San Francisco has to offer, including at least one blue curacao concoction from a certain Tiki bar where they aren’t too proud or too fancy to use blue curacao. Please enjoy this kaleidoscopic bar crawl, and if you’re still just barely buzzed when it’s over, check out parallel slideshows from our friends in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Philly.