Which ‘Secret Gardens’ Did the Voice Leave Off Its List?

The garden at Falai. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Today the Voice unveiled its picks for the city's best restaurants that also just so happen to have "secret" gardens. Everybody likes eating outdoors, so we'll get behind the concept of the list. But there are notable omissions! (Aren't there always?) The first one that springs to mind is the large, sparsely tabled back garden at Franny's, which we just heard will be reopening this Monday. We're also partial to the white-washed, umbrella-covered garden at Falai. And for whatever reason, we've always enjoyed drinking martinis in the back garden at the East Village outpost of the Mermaid Inn. Of course, there are also all of those secret gardens that are too secret to even make the list. But maybe you'll help us out and blow their spots up in the comments. [Fork in the Road/VV]