What to Drink at Theater Bar, Now Serving Hooch With a Side of Houdini

Photo: Thomas Schauer Studio

Last week we told you that long-delayed Theater Bar had finally snagged its liquor license — it opened on Friday and is selectively taking customers this week (the official opening is Thursday). We’ve gotten our hands on the list of drinks that Albert Trummer’s mixologists came up with using his curio cabinet of homemade “mixers and elixirs,” and it’s rather epic, with “acts” loosely dedicated to cocktails inspired by Asia, Latin America, Mexico, and Harlem, respectively. Classics these are not: They’re made using everything from a housemade cotton-candy garnish to a bourbon that’s infused with Austrian pine needles, and then there’s the real showstopper: a tableside illusion show by magician bartender Jeff Grow. It’s free of charge so long as you book it in advance — though the cocktails will cost you $15 on average. Whether or not you “taste the magic,” it’s recommended you make a reservation after 10 p.m. Now here’s the drink list, and another look at the bar in its final state.

Photo: Thomas Schauer Studio

Photo: Thomas Schauer Studio

Theater Bar Drink Menu [PDF]

Theater Bar, 114 Franklin St., nr. W. Broadway; 212-334-3733