Watch Eva Longoria (Try to) Talk About Her New Cookbook on The View


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria dropped by The View today to plug her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen. She brought a mountain of entrees for the co-hosts to taste-test, which might not have been the best idea: Whoopi, Barbara, and Co. are so busy eating and raving, Longoria can hardly get a word in. “The corn is slammin’!” Whoopi Goldberg shrieks! All the hosts fawn all over the red-velvet cake! It’s all so good! But Sherri Shepherd isn’t buying that Longoria actually cooks like this: “Are you telling me you get off Desperate Housewives after looking all gorgeous … and you get in that kitchen and cook like this? Really, girl?” Eva swears it’s true — she says she spends so much time cooking that during a recent red-carpet interview, Ryan Seacrest could smell the cumin on her. Watch it all in the clip below.