Watch a Video of ‘an Easter-Egg Hunt on Steroids’


Back in the day, Easter-egg hunts were for shoving your little brother aside and hoping mom splurged on a better brand of chocolate this year. These days, churches like Elevate Life in Jacksonville, Florida, like to fly a helicopter over a soccer field and air-drop 20,000 plastic eggs held together with tape and, no doubt, a prayer. Kids were held back behind orange tape, like gawkers at a crime scene, while the helicopters made three trips. “Drop the eggs!” the restless children chanted. Check out the 9-year-old in a Black Flag T-shirt at the 26-second mark, the “crouch and gather” strategy employed by a girl in pink at 2:18, and the pissed-off-looking church lady in bunny ears. The Dan Deacon soundtrack and the inevitable, insane denouement give the whole thing the feel of a Disney movie. Maybe The Lion King.

’Pandemonium’ for thousands who flocked to Oakleaf Easter egg drop [Florida Times-Union via Pat’s Papers]