Top Chef’s Dave Martin on Fry Duty at Frying Dutchmen


Top Chef season-one alum Dave Martin has been hired as chef for the Frying Dutchmen, a new French-fry truck due to hit the city May 20. French fries, really? "It was an idea I got on a trip to Amsterdam," explains the truck's owner, Ben Goldberg. "Fries are a respected food there; here, they are just a side." (They are also a significant portion of American kids' vegetable intake.) As you might expect, the Dutchmen's fries will be served with seventeen different sauces, including pink-guava ketchup and "guaca hummus." But just in case all this isn't enough of a draw, Goldberg says he will be giving away T-shirts and gift cards, and he says he'll give an iPad 2 to his best customer, which will be determined via a loyalty rewards program.