This Spring We’re Going to Drink Like It’s 1799

Photo: istockphoto

The Boston Tea Party Museum begins construction today, so drinking like a frisky Colonial is on our mind. Lucky, then, that this issue of Stuff sings the praises of milk punch, a potable popularized by notorious partier Ben Franklin. It’s made by “heating milk and combining it with an infusion of spirits and fruit,” and the dairy essence even lessens the pain of heartburn and hangovers! You’ll find the 18th-century delicacy on offer at Journeyman and Craigie on Main (where one must ask for it by name). We’re most curious about Journeyman’s experimental version, though: “milk punch based around the flavors of a pastrami and rye sandwich.” Somehow we can’t picture a mustard-chinned George Washington getting tipsy on fatty deli meat, but we’ll gladly try it. [Stuff]