This Global Food Crisis Is Still a Bummer for Grub Street’s Lunch

Hoomoos Asli has brought back certain eggplant dishes, but with a $2 surcharge. Photo: Youngna Park /Staff or Contracted

Perhaps you recall that dark day last month when Grub Street had to go without the pleasures of a Hoomoos Asli Health Sandwich in light of soaring eggplant costs. Well, today's Wall Street Journal story on rising restaurant prices contains the sunny nugget of news that the full line of eggplant dishes is back, though some bear a $2 surcharge. The paper also mentions Per Se's recent price hike and the scandalous 2.1 percent average increase at 'wichcraft.

A number of factors are contributing to the biggest food-costs spike since the seventies, including high fuel charges and crazy-ass weather (ahem, climate change). Though many larger restaurants will be able to avoid charging more until later in the year owing to locked-in rates with suppliers, Wendy's has raised price tags and McDonald's is promising to do the same. Has your style been cramped at all by eateries upping their prices? If so, feel free to join the rant below.

Unwanted New Item on Menu: Higher Prices [WSJ]