The Misfit Either Wants To Hire You Or Haunt Your Dreams

Photo: LGO Hospitality

This unnerving hiring video from Bob Lynn’s forthcoming Santa Monica restaurant The Misfit almost scares us into pursuing one of those McJobs. We didn’t even know Max Headroom had spawned a love-child with an oompah-loompah version of Katie Perry and the singer from Dee-Lite, but here she is, hosting a virtual “Help Wanted” ad that promises prospective employees “two suitcases full of fourteen kabillion dollars” before they punch their time cards and go out lay out on the beach. Ha, pretty cute until the first time you get stiffed while your shift manager screams at you to bring table fourteen their bread basket. Anyway, the video shows Lynn’s new place attempting to carve out a distinct personality and avant-garde, nutty character. Take a look below. Just don’t call us when it haunts your dreams.