The Best Bay Area Pasta Dishes: All the Rest

Ricotta-stuffed caramelle at Flour + Water.

There is, quite simply, too much great pasta in the Bay Area. In submitting our nominations for today’s feature, Pasta Porn: 101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes, we at Grub Street San Francisco found ourselves angling to have our corner of the country occupy about a third of the national list, and that, our cohorts in New York said, just wasn’t fair. The dishes that made that list, while great, by no means reflect all the amazing and varied regional pastas around town and around the Bay — especially from the many restaurants that delve deeply into specific regions of Italy like Perbacco (Piemonte), Da Flora (Venice), Bar Bambino (Friuli), and Farina (Liguria) — and thus we had to do our own feature to recognize a group of dishes that all belong on a best list, but for reasons of interstate diplomacy, had to be cut to get the list down to 101. (Now we know how Bauer feels!) Here they are, in alphabetical order by restaurant. Now, please forgive us but we’re going on an indefinite carb fast.