Takami’s Staff Has a Screaming Good Time in Their First Short

"Irashai!" Photo: Takami

You know when you walk into a sushi restaurant and everyone starts screaming at you? In case you haven’t caught it yet, the staff is most likely yelling the Japanese welcome: “Irasshai-mase!” Last weekend, Downtown’s sky-high sushi lounge Takami hosted the L.A. Comedy Shorts Awards and got a chance to make their own video to screen before the festival. The staff, who we’re guessing might include a few struggling actors and producers, actually wrote, directed, starred in, and produced the following video that traces the exploits of Lieutenant James Dangle an unsuspecting gajin who learns the word himself and, with the help of several cups of sake, goes on to rock the party and later the budoir. According to the restaurant, the video took on a life of its own, causing award winners to scream “Irashai!” at the audience, who responded back in course. Have a look at the Takami team’s video below.

“IRASHAI!” from Tony Toich on Vimeo.