Taco Bell and Doritos Build a Better Taco


No matter where you stand on food additives and truth in menu labeling, you have to give it up for Taco Bell. It took its lumps over that whole our-meat-is-mostly-meat thing, but if what the Consumerist reports is true, the company is poised for a major rebound. How? By making its tacos so awesome, no one will ever care what’s in them. And it’s doing that by rolling out a nacho-cheese flavored Doritos taco shell. Reports surfacing this week say Taco Bell is testing its Dorito Locos Tacos, the mythical creation that was captured last year in this video, in select markets. Honestly, after watching the clip, we’re not so much concerned with what may or may not be in the taco’s filling, nor what gives the shell it’s safety-cone orange hue. We just want to know when we can get our hands on one.

Taco Bell Testing Shells Made Out From Nacho Cheese Doritos
[The Consumerist]