Shark Fin Soup Still On the Menu at Plenty of New York Restaurants


The Humane Society chats with Gothamist to let them know that more than 55 New York restaurants are still in the practice of serving shark fin soup. Shun Lee West has apparently dropped it from its menu recently, with a manager quoted as saying, "I received many calls urging us to stop selling shark fin soup because of the horrible way sharks are killed," but Mr. Chow continues to sell it. 

Restaurants in New York that sell the soup — considered a delicacy by some people — include places like Golden Unicorn, Jing Fong, and Grand Harmony Palace. "More than 73 million sharks are still killed every year for their fins," the story reports the Humane Society as saying. If that's a statistic that troubles you, you can go here to print out bilingual cards to hand to restaurant owners who sell the soup. 

Shark Fin Soup Served At Over 55 NYC Restaurants, But Not Shun Lee West [Gothamist]