Seamus Mullen Returning to New York With Tertulia

Photo: Courtesy of Baltz & Co.

When he left Boqueria last July, nobody was quite sure what Seamus Mullen’s plans were. Well, now Diner’s Journal is reporting that he’ll be opening his own Spanish joint in the West Village, to be called Tertulia, which apparently refers to a literary salon (or the get-together itself, it appears). True to the name, Mullen hopes to keep the place going all day long, so people can pop in, use the restaurant’s free WiFi, and order some of the cider that Mullen says will be on tap. The menu itself will be inspired by northern Spain, full of seafood and “simple preparations,” and that there will be a wood-fired grill. In the meantime, Mullen’s finishing up his forthcoming book, Hero Food, which is scheduled for a 2012 release. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]