Scott Youkilis of Maverick/Hog & Rocks to Open BBQ Joint on 19th Street

Chef Scott Youkilis
Chef Scott Youkilis Photo: Courtesy of Scott Youkilis

The little surprise saved for us in the Chron’s Inside Scoop column today is the news that chef-owner Scott Youkilis of Maverick and Hog & Rocks is teaming again with Hog & Rocks partners Eric Rubin (Tres Agaves Products) and Dave Esler to open a barbecue spot across the street from Hog & Rocks on 19th between Mission and Valencia. The place doesn’t yet have a name, but Youkilis is excited about the large, hof-brau-like space that seats about 100. They’ll be doing “agnostic” barbecue, i.e. not bound by any specific regional tradition, and you’ll pay for your food by the pound. As of now there’s no ETA.

Youkilis, pals to do barbecue with hofbrau feel [Chron]
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