Sahadi’s Goes David to Trader Joe’s Goliath


Go Sahadi’s! The Brooklyn-based Middle Eastern market is revamping some of its real estate, turning what is currently a gift basket and delivery base into an expanded cheese mini-market with a cutting block for offering customers samples. It’s hard not to feel some empathy for a food shop across the street from Trader Joe’s. We are slightly smitten with owner Charlie Sahadi for referring to the megastore as simply, “the store across the street” and remarking, “We’ve gained more customers than we’ve lost since they’ve been here.” Work won’t begin for about six full months, but since he hasn’t decided what to add to the expanded area other than a cheesemonger station, weigh in when you stop by. One customer is rooting for a café. Stumptown coffee, olives, cheese and hummus? It could be a thing. [Carroll Gardens Patch, The Brooklyn Paper]