Grub Street’s Guide to New York’s Sweetest Passover Desserts


Anyone who’s been to a Passover seder can tell you it’s a great time — what’s not to like about telling stories, singing songs, eating spring veggies that are finally in season, and being required to drink at least four glasses of wine? Unfortunately, the holiday’s restrictions often lead to a dessert of dry, supermarket-bought macaroons and tasteless, gummy marshmallows. Luckily, this being New York, we’ve got bakeries who have found ways to create cupcakes, pies, truffles, and mile-high cakes without flour and leavening agents, but still with tons of flavor. Kiss those dusty jelly rings good-bye and say hello to these treats from a dozen of the city’s purveyors.

Note: While these desserts are kosher for Passover, not all of them are prepared in kosher-for-Passover kitchens. If you follow strict dietary restrictions during the holiday, please call ahead before ordering.