Now Olive Garden Is Giving Toddlers Booze, Too

Photo: Olive Garden

You may remember hearing about the Applebee’s in Michigan that accidentally served a margarita to a toddler? Well, Olive Garden isn’t going to just sit idly by and watch its competitor get all the press — a mom in Florida is says that the O.G. in the town of Lakeland served her 2-year-old sangria instead of orange juice. Oops! (The kid’s “suffered no lasting effects,” unless knowing what the sangria at Olive Garden tastes like could be considered a lasting effect.) But: Everyone knows these kinds of things happen in threes. So which chain will be the next to accidentally give a little kid a Mudslide instead of a milkshake? Or an Ultimate Electric Lemonade instead of, you know, regular lemonade? Our advice to the parents out there is to just stay away from the Ruby Tuesdays, Red Lobsters, and whatever-wins–America’s Next Great Restaurants of the world, lest your infant becomes the next one to be served a premixed chain cocktail. [NBC Miami]