Musical Chairs at Marea

This is the dining room, but you get the idea.
This is the dining room, but you get the idea. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Good news for the hordes still clamoring to experience the cookery of Best Chef–nominated Michael White at Marea: Over the last couple of days, the restaurant has swapped out the somewhat awkward crudo bar in its lounge area for more table seating. “I can’t stress enough how much better it is,” general manager Rocky Cirino told us, noting that the crudo bar had become “almost second-class seating,” with those cutting the fish situated too low to even pass anything over the counter to diners. Now, instead of the eight raw-bar seats, there are a two-top, two four-tops, and a five-seat corner banquette, all dressed with the same tablecloths and flowers used in the dining room. The bar has gained two additional seats as well, the better to enjoy a quaff from the newish drink list by Eben Freeman; see that here.