What to Eat at Monument Lane, a Neighborhood Tavern for the 21st Century

Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Monument Lane is gearing up to open the week of April 18 in the West Village corner spot long occupied by Caribbean café Day-O, but partner Josh Früm traces the location’s history back even further. In 1762, a monument honoring General James Wolfe, who died in the pre-Revolutionary Battle of Quebec, was erected in the vicinity; thereafter, the street was referred to as Monument Lane. The Colonial-era reference extends to the woody décor, which repurposes antique doors as tables and incorporates vintage prints and regional maps, and to the menu, overseen by Picholine alum Brian Murphy. A “New American tavern” theme is reflected in plates like whole-wheat pretzels with smoked Gouda dip, a fisherman’s fry basket with fluke fingers and clam bellies, and cider-glazed squab with mushroom ragout and cornmeal samp, a.k.a. broken hominy. Here’s a look at the space and the food.

103 Greenwich Ave., at W. 12th St.; 212-255-0155