The Mob Is Probably Just a Big Bunch of Foodies

Photo: Warner Bros.

Movie mobsters are always sitting around, eating late-night feasts made by their moms, killing each other in red-sauce joints, and taking cannoli instead of guns. They're foodies! And it's like that in real life, too! According to the Times, "a real menu is required just to keep track of all the culinary allusions" being made by mob boss Joseph C. Massino while he appears as a witness in a federal trial against Vincent Basciano (a.k.a. Vinnie Gorgeous).

Massino reportedly told the court that he'd once bribed prison guards to get him "cold cuts, shrimp, scungilli," and in a conversation he'd secretly recorded with Basciano, he'd commented on the quality of a sausage he'd had ("wasn't bad, Bo"). Not only that! He also took a steady job at Long Island's King Catering while he was out on parole and prohibited from consorting with felons. (There, of course, he conducted family business in the walk-in, "to avoid bugs.")

And yet, the big food-mob story these days is still the Lucali stabbing, which the Post is now saying was over a woman or, as the tabloid is apparently calling her in the URL for the story, a "hot tomato." Spicy!

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