Mario Batali Has His Doubts About All These Gwyneth Paltrow Rumors

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

At last nights Can-Do Food Bank benefit, Mario Batali gave us his opinion of the rumor that his friend Gwyneth Paltrow will launch a food magazine: Ive heard that in the same breathless wonder as that shes going to be on the cover of Bon Apptit next month, he said. I think neither of them are very likely. Batali does, however, have some thoughts on Gwynnie's website, Goop.

You know, its funny, I love her; [but] how anyone could ever say an $800 pair of shoes is a good deal is kind of perplexing to me," Batali told us. "But maybe compared to the $2,200 ones it was a good deal. For the record, he says his trademark footwear, orange-hued Crocs that he wore to the fancy gala, cost about $20. [Looks like they actually run about $40.]

Even still, he says Paltrow has a good thing going with Goop: "Its a remarkable thing, I must say, as a business tool. She mentioned my iPhone app on it, and the sales went through the roof for a week. So its a big, important thing.

Does that mean Batali's been lured into the world of online shopping? Yep! "I order almost all of my clothing online," he says. "Im not a big shopper. It comes right to your house, and you send it back if you dont like it."

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