Maharlika’s Pop-up Brunch Will End May 15

Maharlika's sizzling sisig.
Maharlika's sizzling sisig. Photo: Courtesy Maharlika

Sad news for fans of balut, sizzling sisig, and the other Filipino specialties served at perennially jammed pop-up brunchery Maharlika. We just learned that Sunday, May 15, will be the weekend restaurant’s last day, after which Resto Leon will reclaim the space for a brunch of its own. Though a Maharlika “Asian bodega” and café is slated to debut at DeKalb Market in June, founder Nicole Ponseca tells us she had hoped to keep the brunch at Resto Leon going indefinitely. In fact, she’s hopeful of reviving the pop-up elsewhere, but “now we need to find a home.”