Katie Holmes Explains Why Suri Was Eating X-Rated Gummies at Serendipity


We’ll grant Katie Holmes that it probably does get super annoying to have your every single move documented by a small army of photographers. You trip or something and — boom! — there’s a photo of your faceplant on TMZ. Or, as happened recently, you take your 4-year-old daughter to New York’s Serendipity 3 for some overpriced-yet-totally-innocent ice cream, and then she goes and picks up a bag of gummy candy that looks like a guy’s junk. Photos are snapped, and all of a sudden you look like you’re feeding your kid X-rated treats. Oops! Anyway, today on Ellen, Mrs. Tom Cruise explains that that little incident was all a big misunderstanding, okay? Watch for yourself, below.

Katie Holmes Explains Suri’s P-E-N-I-S Gummies [E!]
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