Jon’s Street Eats Hits Streets Again, With a New John


Jon’s Street Eats was among the first wave of gourmet, chef-driven food trucks around the Bay. Owner Jon Kosorek spent a solid two years slinging ahi tuna rolls over in Emeryville and elsewhere before he decided to sell the truck back in February and take a job at Brannan’s Grill in Calistoga. But he not only sold the truck, he sold the name and brand recognition to another “Jon,” John Betteo, a veteran Santa Cruz restaurateur who answered his Craigslist ad and had been considering starting a mobile food operation of his own. Betteo got rolling again the first week in April, and he tells Oakland North that he’s not changing much. “You have to keep the people who know what you’re about happy,” he says, so look for the beloved ahi rolls, as well as a slightly revamped mac-and-cheese cake (it now has a tomato base), as well as a new dessert: bread pudding muffins. Follow Jon’s on Twitter to see where he is each day.

Jon’s Street Eats rolls again [Oakland North]