It’s Not a Fight: Fraiche Teams Chefs Up For Rustic Mondays

Photo: Fraiche/Eater

No, no, it’s not another battle! The poster just makes it look like a food fight. With so many spots jockeying to fill the pop-up power void left behind by the dissolving of Test Kitchen, Eater announces that the Culver City location of Fraiche has jumped into the game with a guest-chef series of its own.

Every “Rustic Monday,” Chef Benjamin Bailly will prepare a separate menu alongside one created by another chef’s. April 18th’s debut finds red-hot Ricardo Zarate cooking the Peruvian cuisine he’s renowned for, while Bailly sticks to his French style, and guests get to choose which $35 three-course menu is more their style. Sounds like an intriguing twist on the pop-up that should get people fired up over Fraiche again. But didn’t anyone consider launching this at the more attention-starved Santa Monica location?

’Rustic Monday’ at Fraiche, Ricardo Zarate Cooks Peruvian [Eater]