Introducing LudoBites: The YouTube Channel

Photo: LudoBites

Ludo Bites America, the Sundance show that will find Ludo Lefebvre and wife Krissy cruising through the states, opening temporary restaurants, and attempting to pull off concepts like an all-buffalo menu in Denver, is still a few months away from its debut. In the meantime, Julie Wolfson introduces us to the couple’s LudoBites Channel, a self-created YouTube feed with five videos that show the inner-workings of LudoBites when it was in the Marche space in Sherman Oaks. Lots of classic quotes from the ‘Ludes in here, plus a few pearls of wisdom from Bastide’s Sydney Hunter and San Diego pop-up don Dan Moody. But our favorite moments, of course, are the ones spent revisiting dishes like the chef’s escargots with mole and a side of corn ice cream.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre Pops-Up on the Web in ‘Ludo Bites America’ [TubeFilter News]